Advantages of Buying Local Custom Calgary Blinds

We as Albertans are struggling to get out of this seemingly never-ending downturn in our economy. There is a tremendous need to read labels and find out where our goods are coming from. By buying custom Calgary blinds locally, we are beginning the process of putting money back into our own pockets.

Small businesses are the backbone of Alberta’s economy. By purchasing our goods from local manufacturers, consumers are supporting our local workforce which in turn, puts money back where it belongs: Alberta.

Blinds 2000 Manufacturing Ltd is a local manufacturer of custom Calgary blinds and window coverings. We have been producing these items for over 26 years. We believe in the local economy and do our best to locally source raw material whenever possible. At the very least, we buy Canadian. Our staff all come from the Greater Calgary Area and are active members in their communities.

Because we are right here in our community, we can produce custom made window coverings in a fast, cost effective way. These quality products are made to size and order and can even be rushed should the need arise (the dog ate my bedroom blind…). Our installers are all locally trained and are able to repair or adjust blinds on site. If there is a blind that they deem unacceptable, we can have that blind replaced very quickly. 

By buying your custom Calgary blinds from Blinds 2000 Manufacturing, you receive:

  1. Personalized, friendly service
  2. Quality blinds and a fast turn-around
  3. Fair price
  4. A local manufacturer

We as consumers need to find out where our products are coming from, and who is making them. Let’s do our research, and make sure our hard-earned money is being spent in the community that our products are coming from. Let’s all start looking at product labels and find out where things are coming from. You might be surprised that locally produced products really are not that expensive.

Visit our showroom in Calgary or contact us today to learn more about the custom Calgary blinds we can provide for you. 

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