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Calgary Custom Blinds | Green Initiatives


Blinds 2000 has been doing more and more to become a more “green” and environmentally friendly company. Some of the green initiatives we’ve been taking include recycling programs, reducing our carbon footprint and using low chemical emission fabrics for our Calgary custom blinds. The environment is very important to us, and leaving a small impact on our Earth is something that we strive to do!


Recycling Program

We recycle all of our packaging that comes from suppliers, as well as all of the aluminum used to manufacture our blinds. Our team knows how important recycling is to reduce waste!

Environmental Impact

We aim to reduce our environmental impact and carbon footprint by using solar power and minimal packaging for our products. We also reuse packaging whenever possible and have an LED lighted facility that uses less energy than regular lighting options. Water management is also a portion of our green initiative that gets a lot of attention. Our staff is educated and aware about their water usage, and we use a rainwater catchment system for energy and water efficiency.

Low Emission Fabrics

Blinds 2000 uses Greenguard Gold Certified Roller Fabrics for our Calgary custom blinds products because of the low chemical emissions that they produce. These fabrics are Greenguard Indoor Air Quality Certified and Children & Schools Certified as well, which helps clean up the air you and your children breathe on a daily basis.

Blinds 2000 cares about the environment. Our calgary custom blinds products reflect our environmental values. For more information about our green initiatives, give us a call today.

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